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Continuously pushing its own limits for the past two decades, Borgne is a powerful machinery spreading mechanical coldness and producing an industrial energy. Constantly evolving throughout its already released eight albums, the Swiss band has been hammering various stages since 2011, leaving a lasting impression on spectators’ minds. Entwining ethereal melodies and drum machines’ pounding, Borgne will grasp you into abyssal depths.



Motivated by the desire to experiment with different atmospheres than Enoid, Bornyhake creates Borgne and therefore proposes a more atmospheric and contemplative music. In order to make this new entity a reality, he also created the Rotten Vomit Records label and released I.

However, occupied by other projects such as Krigar or Gerbophilia, Bornyhake cannot concentrate on Borgne in order to give a direct follow-up.


Borgne returns with a new album II. But, due to the delay of the Swiss label Scharzmetall Musikproduktionen, the new opus was postponed to the following year.



The meeting with Jeff of Chapel of Ghouls motivates Bornyhake to continue the project and allows him to meet Ocultum Production, which releases III the same year.



Bornyhake decides to built a line-up which then gives birth to EP 3.5. However, the artistic incompatibility between the different individuals makes the experience ephemeral.



Bornyhake is again the only master on board and releases IV through the label Sepulchral production from Quebec, thus becoming the first album of the label of non-Quebec origin. This release projects Borgne on the international stage.


Bornyhake realizes that he wants to express deeper feelings through Borgne and then decides to open a new era of the project. This idea leads to Entraves de l’âme which generates a new stage of expression as the beginning of a trilogy that will mark the Borgne’s history. From then on, the atmospheres became more varied and rich and Bornyhake invited, for the first time, artists to collaborate (Malefic from Xasthur, CZ from Vinterriket, Juno Nitta from Juno Bloodlust). With this album, the desire to hit the stage becomes concrete and the search for a line-up begins.



In order to reproduce the coldness of the project, the choice not to integrate a drummer is then affirmed from the start. With a solid and motivated line-up, Borgne becomes a live band and performs for the first time at the Metal Assaut Festival in Lausanne (Decapitated, God Dethroned, Endstille.....).



The release of Royaume des Ombres, an album acclaimed by the specialized press, allows a first european tour alongside Forteresse. This experience has helped the band to develop a real visual impact reinforced by a solid stage presence. The strong impression on the audience allows the group to forge a certain reputation.



Borgne’s awareness is growing quickly. The project play outside of european soil for the first time during a Canadian tour. The same year, the band also play on the Hellfest’s Temple stage.



With the latest album of the trilogy, Règne des Morts, Borgne joins the French label Those Opposed Records.



Lady Kaos, live keyboardist since 2011, becomes an official member.



The one-eyed album [∞] is released through Avantgarde Music. Parallel projects and members’ privacy brought Borgne to a quiet period. During this time, Bornyhake was particularly active with Darvaza, Deathrow, Serpens Luminis,... while Lady Kaos was live-guest during the promotion of Asagraum’s debut album and also did university studies.



Borgne’s comeback is incarnated through the album Y. This one illustrates the intention to explore more deeply the industrial sonorities and confirms the will to detach from the conventional codes. The new opus also creates a collaboration with the productive and passionate label of Les Acteurs de l’Ombre.

Avenir Light est une police épurée et élégante et appréciée des designers. Agréable à regarder, elle s'adapte parfaitement aux titres et paragraphes.


Current lineup:

Bornyhake - Composition mastermind

Lady Kaos - Keys

Onbra - Live guitar

D - Live bass

Full Discography


Year : 2020

Label : Les Acteurs de l'ombre 

Tracks :

1. As far as my eyes can see

2. Je deviens mon propre abysse

3. A hypnotizing, perpetual movement that buries me in silence

4. Derrière les yeux de la création

5. Qui serais-je si je ne le tentais pas ?

6. Paraclesium

7. A voice in the land of stars

BORGNE I 1998 CD - Rotten Vomit Records
BORGNE II 2007 CD - Schwarzmetall Prod
BORGNE III 2007 CD - Occultum Prod
BORGNE 3.5 2008 10MLP - Rotten Vomit Records
BORGNE IV 2009 CD - Sepulchral Productions
ENTRAVES DE L'AME 2010 CD - Sepulchral Productions
BORGNE III 2011 12LP - Profane Wax Rec
TITANIA 2012 CDR 66 copies only - Les Fleurs du Mal Rec
ROYAUME DES OMBRES 2012 CD - Sepulchral Productions
THE RETURN TO THE PAST I&II 2015 DCD - Those Opposed Records
REGNE DES MORTS 2015 CD - Those Opposed Records
TITANIA re-release 2015 TAPE 66 copies only - Rotten Vomit Records
BORGNE I re-release 2018 CDR - Azif Records
[∞] 2018 CD & LP - Avantgarde Music
BORGNE Vinyl Box 2018 - Those Opposed Records

Y 2020 CD DIGIPACK & DOUBLE LP - Les Acteurs de l'ombre Productions